Wednesday, April 24, 2013


• A nice glossary of Chinese Internet Terminology [LINK].

The Baidu (Baike) Mythical Creatures
• Wikipedia overview of the 10 Baidu Mythical Creatures [LINK].

• The Grass Mud Horse - China Digital Times article [LINK], the New York Times article [LINK], and the Know Your Meme article [LINK] . . . there are even T-Shirts [LINK].

• The Video/Song about the Grass Mud Horse (some may find the language offensive):

"Very Erotic, Very Violent"
• The Wikipedia description of the news and cultural materials surrounding this meme [LINK].


The "River Crab"
• Wikipedia article with simple explanation of the meaning behind "River Crab" [LINK].

• China Digital Times articles on the River Crab [LINK].

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