Sunday, November 17, 2013


Below is a list of "memes," celebrities, or events that are famous on the Internet. Each student must select one of the below items, OR select a current meme (which would clearly fit the criteria of "an Internet meme") and post the following information (with their name on the assignment) on their team's website.  You must write in your own words, copying any materials without citation is plagiarism.

• When did this begin to become popular/famous on the Internet and why? Provide a context and offer an analysis of why you think this became so popular (if no obvious reason presents itself).
• The details/description of the "meme," person, event, etc.
• If you chose to select your own current meme, it cannot be anything that would be deemed as "offensive."
• How popular did it become and over what time span? (include "Google Insights" interest).
• Include other memes that may have emerged from this or have been influenced by this.
• Include videos or images when relevant to illustrate your description - please try to avoid posting images or video that may be offensive.
• You can select the same meme/subject as a group team-mate (but remember, one of you will do a better job on the assignment and potentially make the other look bad - or if your assignments look too similar, everyone will think you copied off of each other).
• Please make sure your full name is on your assignment, posted on your team's website by Thursday, November 28th.

A list of memes:
• Chocolate Rain
• "Do You Like Mudkip?"
• Nyan Cat
• Epic Beard Man (& Amber Lamps)
• Planking
• Leeroy Jenkins
• Paula Deen Riding Things
• Cinnamon Challenge
• Chuck Norris Facts
• (Full On) Double Rainbow
• Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop
• Gingers Do Have Souls
• All Your Base Are Belong to Us
• (Operation) Lioncash
• Angry Bert
• Kim Jong-Un Looking at Things
• Pokemon "Missingno"
• "Imma Let You Finish" (Kanye West)

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