Friday, October 25, 2013


Each student must post their assignment on their team blog by Friday, November 1st.

• Write at least 2 paragraphs, in clear and specific language.

• Your assignment is to do an analysis/evaluation of a commercial (company) website or a commercial (company) social media page (such as the Facebook page for Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.).

• Provide an evaluation of this page: do you think that this commercial page is doing a effective job of social media marketing and why?

Address/evaluate this page by analyzing their use of the following features:
• Premiums (giving away free things to attract users/customers)
• Participation (creating events, venues, games, surveys to involve users)
• User-Generated Content (creating venues/galleries to showcase user-submitted materials)
• Customer Service "Portal" (are they providing a "dialogue" environment to communicate with users?)
• Content Flow (are they providing new and engaging materials regularly?)

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