Saturday, September 26, 2009


• Wikipedia's description page of the Anonymous movement/community [LINK].

• Wikipedia's page on Anonymous' "Project Chanology" (systematic attacks and protests against the Church of Scientology), including a timeline of Anonymous activities [LINK].

• Image of the original discussion thread that gave rise to Chanology [LINK].

• Image of the original discussion thread that gave rise to Chanology (part II) [LINK].

• The original (recently re-released on YouTube) Jan 14, 2008 Scientology video interview of Tom Cruse (The Church of Scientology warned the site to remove this video from their site under threat of litigation):

To salvage a little of Tom Cruise's dignity/coolness, remember, he did do this: LINK.

• The (in)famous first video by Anonymous (Jan 2008) to the Church of Scientology, alerting them to upcoming attacks/protests:

• Wired Magazine's Jan 2008 article on the Anonymous protests/attacks on the Church of Scientology [LINK].

• A video outlining the Anonymous Guideline of Conduct for Protests:

• The Anonymous Sekrit Code [LINK].

• A Chanology "Research Portal" (Wiki format) for amassing information and materials on the Church of Scientology [LINK], including a collection of "leaked" documents from the Church of Scientology itself.

• Attributed to an Anonymous hackers, an Epilepsy Foundation message board was attacked - hackers posted flashing animations onto the messageboard; March 2008 [LINK].

• An Anonymous video clarifying/repeating the necessity to act as a group and rely upon the group:

• An Anonymous (Jan 2009) video to Scientology "We Still Run This":

• Another stylishly designed Anonymous video [LINK].

• An Anonymous instructional video on how to create and publish an Anonymous video, anonymously [LINK].

• An infamous Fox News 11 report on "Anonymous," which (in the name of poor journalism) sensationalized the activities of these groups and likely included "attacks" never committed by them. Some materials from this news report were actually adopted by these groups as a joke, such as calling themselves "Anonymous" [LINK].

• A directory of Wired Magazine's articles on Anonymous news events [LINK].

• The main logo/icon associated with the Anonymous Movement - the suit and tie, without a head [LINK].

• The logo/icon associated with the Anonymous Movement [LINK].

• The Anonymous movement message board (***WARNING:*** this is an optional link for educational purposes only. Linking to this site is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT of this site's content. THIS SITE MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE MATERIALS) [LINK].

• Links regarding the historical Guy Fawkes, and the form of the Guy Fawkes Mask as it appeared in the 2005 film "V for Vendetta. NOTE: though the "Guy Fawkes" masks are used in protests and imagery, this mask is actually a reference to an internet meme "Epic Fail Guy."

Image of Anonymous Feb 10, 2008 protest, donning Guy Fawkes masks (image courtesy of Paul Williams):

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