Thursday, September 24, 2009


• "50 Things You Should Know About the Internet" [LINK].

• "Know Your Meme" - a comical Internet meme database [LINK].

• The Wikipedia list of "Internet Phenomena" [LINK].

• "Internet World Stats" - a site dedicated to tracking and publishing global Internet statistics [LINK].

1001Fonts - a large catalog of free user-generated fonts [LINK].

David Horvitz's interactive "sociological experiments" on the Internet [LINK].

• "Urban Dictionary" - a wiki dictionary of slang terms (WARNING: a significant number of these terms could be considered offensive or derogatory) [LINK].

• "WordSpy" - a site dedicated to tracking recent terms, usually relating to technology and the Internet [LINK].

• "iStrategy Labs'" blog - a business dedicated to tracking Internet (marketing) trends [LINK].

• Aaron Zinman's "Personas" name search engine - it creates summaries of Internet references of full names [LINK].

• "" - perhaps one of the most popular wiki (user-submitted) format sites dedicated to art, marketing, and product design on the Internet (and off) [LINK].

• USA Today's "Pop Candy" blog (by Whitney Matheson) - tracking current/popular culture trends on (and off) the Internet [LINK].

• "MAKE: Magazine" blog - dedicated to DIY and "hacker" culture, including instructionals on how to make nearly anything [LINK].

• "" - a blog-zine dedicated to Internet news and culture, and technology and trends on and off the Internet [LINK].

• Google Maps tracking of the recent "Swine Flu" (H1N1/09) pandemic, from April-May 2009 [LINK].

• Free "EcoFont" - perfect for college students: a font that spares your printer ink cartridges [LINK].

• An Internet Connection Speed Test - determine the speed of your Internet connection [LINK].

• "StumbleUpon" - a way to find wonderful things that you aren't looking for [LINK].

• "Skreemr" audio file search engine (like Google for mp3s) [LINK].

• What does your phone number spell? [LINK].

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