Saturday, September 26, 2009


• Wikipedia entry/overview of the history of the Internet [LINK].

• Wikipedia timeline of popular Internet services [LINK].

• Wikipedia entry/overview of the history of the WorldWideWeb [LINK].

• A 1995 (Web 1.0) article on the history of the Internet [LINK].

• Brief overview of the history of the Internet and the WorldWideWeb [LINK].

• A copy of Tim Berners-Lee's first webpage (1992 version) (original address - [LINK].

• An image of Tim Berners-Lee's first web server (from a NeXT desktop; original address - [LINK].
*NOTE: In simple terms, the NeXT computer's operating system utilized "OpenStep" - which eventually gave rise to the Mac Operating System (Mac OS).

• A list of Tim Berners-Lee's Frequently Asked Questions [LINK].

• A brief history of web browsers [LINK].

• A list of the 100 oldest registered domain names, including date of registration [LINK].

• The current website of the W3C (WorldWideWeb Consortium) - reporting on the technology of the WorldWideWeb itself [LINK].

• O'Reilly Media's description of "Web 2.0" (from 2005) [LINK].

• The media's perpetuation of the myth that Al Gore invented the Internet [LINK].

• And a brief ed piece about Al Gore's intended statement about inventing the Internet [LINK].

• A partial transcript of Senator Ted Steven's (R-Alaska) famous speech rant about the Internet being a "series of tubes" [LINK].

• And the Wikipedia overview of Ted Steven's (in)famous quote [LINK].

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