Wednesday, March 27, 2013


• A recent publication of the "World's Oldest Ten Jokes" found by a University of Wolverhampton study [LINK].
• Greg Rutter's "Definitive List of 99 Things" that you should have already experienced on the Internet - a collection of perhaps the 99 most popular internet "memes," most of which are humor based [LINK].
5 Second Films - funny as hell [LINK].
• "Sleeveface" - the trend of incorporating record album covers into portrait photos [LINK].
• "tryork5ifp" - an eBay seller/buyer famous for some of the funniest "buyer feedback" comments ever, take a look [LINK].
• "Rathergood" - an early Web 2.0 site dedicated to making absurd/odd flash videos [LINK], particularly known for their video/song "We Like the Moon" [LINK], which was later picked up by Quizno's Subs as an ad campaign.
• "Real Ultimate Power" - an early Web 2.0 site written by a fictitious boy named "Robert Hamburger," the site focusses/obsesses on Ninjas, including an extensive collection of user-submitted photos [LINK]; this site is also known for its Hate Mail section - emails sent by angry readers who failed to understand that this site is a satire.
• The infamous "LOLCats" site "I Can Has Cheezburger?" [LINK], and a "LOLCat builder" online application [LINK].
• A general web-based "macro" creating application [LINK].
• Continuing in the practice of "macro" framed jokes such as LOLCats, "MemeGenerator" has been a popular online application for making "formulated" macros [NOTE: Many of the user-submitted macros may be considered offensive, and several of the macro templates on this site could be considered offensive for many reasons. View at your own risk.] [LINK].'s "Demotivator" generator [LINK], and a gallery of "Demotivated" photos [LINK].
• "Engrish" - a popular user-submitted gallery of incorrect/comical use of English by foreign cultures [LINK].
• "Animals with Lightsabers" - a collection of photos and videos of animals with . . . lightsabers [LINK].
• "241543903" the Internet "Sociological Experiment" proposed by David Horvitz earlier this year - take a photograph of your head inside a freezer, post it on the internet, and label it with the cryptic number "241543903" [LINK]. The subsequent Flickr photo collection of the results: [LINK].
• "Rick Rolling" - the infamous bad joke of luring others into seeing this heinous 1987 Rick Astley music video [LINK].
• "Fail Blog" - the infamous collection of images and people who have "failed" [LINK].
• "Stuff on My Cat" - a user-submitted photo gallery of cats . . . with stuff on them [LINK].
• "Cake Wrecks" - a working collection of horrific professional cakes [LINK].
• "Happiest People Ever!" - a working collection of images of "unhappy" people [LINK].
• "Asleep on the Subway" - a working collection of images of people asleep on the New York subways [LINK].
• "Awkward Family Photos" - a popular working collection of aesthetically "odd" portrait photos [LINK].
• "Emails from Crazy People" - a collection of unsettling and humorous emails [LINK].
• "XKCD" - a current popular web-based comic [LINK].
• "Worth 1000" - a website dedicated to Photoshop artwork contests, the competitions are often humorous [LINK].
• "Look at This F*&#ing Hipster" - a site dedicated to making fun of young "hipster" culture [LINK].
• "People of Wal*Mart" - a user-submitted collection of odd people seen in Wal*Mart stores [LINK].
• "Lamebook" - a user-submitted gallery of Facebook mishaps [LINK].
• "This Is Why You're Fat" - a website dedicated to heinously unhealthy foods [LINK].
• "Found Magazine" - a user-submitted collection of found notes and photos [LINK].
• "Chuck Norris Facts" - a popular user-submitted site, focussing on the glory of actor Chuck Norris (published as a book a few years ago) [LINK].
• "LOLJK" - a gallery of LOLJK pictures/jokes [LINK].

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