Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Personal/Important Information About You on the Internet
• Robert L. Mitchell's "What the Web Knows About You" - a terrifying look at how much personal information is readily available on the Internet [LINK].
Enayati, Amanda "My Relentless Pursuit of the Guy Who Robbed Me - utilizing information sources to solve a crime and identify the perpetrator, Salon [LINK].
WikiLeaks - one of the many "mirrors" of the original site.
9-EYES - a gallery of images of humanity, from Google Streetview.
Internet Eyes - a new service from Devon, England: user-based monitoring of security cameras.
• Using Google Earth to identify surface-to-air missile sites around the globe [LINK].
• Aaron Zinman's "Personas" name search engine - it creates summaries of Internet references of full names [LINK].
• Identify the location of someone's IP address, find the IP address associated with an email address [LINK].

 Interesting/Obscure Information Resources on the Internet
• The Standard Operating Procedure Manuals for the International Space Station [LINK]. - a map displaying recent reported crimes, in your neighborhood or anywhere in the country [LINK].
The Timeline of Knowledge - a timeline of the history of recording information (including natural/biological means for recording information, such as DNA) [LINK].
• "The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments" from the 1960's is no longer in print and has been "banned" from libraries because it contains chemistry experiments that are deemed as "dangerous" by current standards of safety (often viewed as "idiot-proofing" our society); however, this book is being perpetuated across the Internet in downloadable PDF format by a number of sites [LINK].

Some General Materials about the "Blogosphere"
Tim O'Reilly's "Bloggers Code of Conduct" [LINK].
• A visual representation of the "Blogosphere" as of 2007 [LINK].
• The Twingly screensaver is a (geographic) visualization of the "blogosphere" [LINK]:

• "Pomplamoose" - a local (Corte Madera) self-produced band (Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn), their website [LINK], and YouTube page [LINK].
Justin Hall's current form of "Justin's Links from the Underground" - attributed with being the first Internet blog (in the form they exist today) [LINK].
• "The Sneeze" - one of the best original content blogs [LINK], famous (earlier) for his "Steve, Don't Eat It!" series [LINK].
Jaimie Mantzel is making a huge robot; YouTube page [LINK] and his website [LINK].
• "Lonelygirl15" - the first video [LINK].
The Monkey Chow Diaries - a man chronicles his experience with subsisting only on ZuPream "Monkey Chow" [LINK].

• Evan Guttman's Stolen Sidekick webpage [LINK], and his original webpage [LINK].
• Korea's Gae-ttong-nyue ("Dog Poo Girl") [LINK].
• "People Who Sit in the Disability Seats When I'm Standing on My" [LINK]. • San Francisco photographer harassed by security guards [LINK].
• The broken laptop sold by Amir Tofangsazan, what remains of the first post [LINK], personal information extracted from the hard drive [LINK], an ultimatum [LINK], and the site today [LINK].
• "Sorry Mom (I Bang the Worst Dudes)" [LINK].
• Using Twitter as a medium for consumer complaint [LINK] (for example, Heather Armstrong vs. Maytag [LINK]).
• "Comcast Must Die" [LINK], expanded to "Customer Circus" [LINK].
• "Control Your Info" - a movement dedicated to informing people about the vulnerability of their online information/accounts [LINK]; their most recent stunt: hijacking over 200 Facebook groups [LINK].

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