Wednesday, March 27, 2013


• A list of some of the more interesting recent virtual crimes [LINK].
• New York Times article on trolling [LINK].
Megan Meier [LINK, LINK, LINK].
• The SIM Mafia - virtual vigilantes [LINK].
• The Maplestory Murder [LINK and LINK].
• The Second Life Stalker [LINK].
• The Runescape Mugging [LINK].
• The Dragon Sabre Murder [LINK, LINK].
• The Habbo Hotel Robbery [LINK, LINK, LINK].
• Interview with (in)famous SIMS cyber-brothel prostitute/madam Evangeline (language and content may be offensive) [LINK].
• The "Lineage II" Mugging Crime-Spree [LINK].
• "Gold Farming" Sweatshops in China [Article LINK, Article LINK, Paper LINK]. Related article: Virtual Economy in 'Second Life': [LINK].

Video sample of a documentary on "Goldfarming":

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